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Retreat Caravans Embarks on a Advanced Partnership with Paintseal Australia


In an exciting move, Retreat Caravans, a renowned highly reputable name in the caravan industry, has entered a strategic partnership with Paintseal Australia. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both companies as they join forces to enhance the customer experience through cutting-edge products and services.


The Apex of Paint Protection:

Paintseal Australia is set to revolutionize the caravan industry by supplying Retreat dealerships with the most advanced paint protection ceramic glass coating available in the market. Conor Rae, the Director of Paintseal Australia, expresses his enthusiasm about this partnership, stating, "Joining a manufacturer of Retreat's calibre is an exciting journey for Paintseal. We are dedicated to delivering world-class products to our customers, and Retreat's commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with our values."


A Shared Vision of Quality and Innovation:

The collaboration between Retreat Caravans and Paintseal Australia goes beyond the mere provision of cutting-edge paint protection. Both companies share a common belief in delivering unparalleled quality and innovation to their customers. Tilly Rexhepi, the General Manager of Retreat Caravans, emphasizes, "Paintseal Australia aligns seamlessly with Retreat's core values and vision, and we firmly believe the investment is beneficial for all our clients. Our collaboration with Paintseal Australia is grounded in the alignment of our business models, appreciating their innovative approach and commitment to propelling the industry forward. We eagerly anticipate our collaboration with Conor and the Paintseal Australia team."


Paintseal's Evolution into a Complete Aftermarket Solution:

Conor Rae sheds light on Paintseal Australia's strategic evolution, stating, "Paintseal is transitioning into a comprehensive aftermarket solution business. We are committed to providing customers with peace of mind through our new Gen4 Insure product range and cleaning solutions which adds to our state-of-the-art paint protection package" This expansion into a complete aftermarket solution demonstrates Paintseal's commitment to ensuring the longevity and pristine condition of Retreat Caravans.


A Statement from Retreat Caravans:

Tilly Rexhepi, the General Manager of Retreat Caravans, shares his thoughts on this exciting collaboration: "Paintseal Australia fits in well with Retreat's core values and vision, and we believe the investment is worth it for all our clients. We have joined with Paintseal Australia as we know their business model suits ours perfectly, and their innovation and drive to move the industry forward is what we love to see. We look forward to working with Conor and the Paintseal Australia team in conjunction with our dealers." This statement from Retreat Caravans will highlight the shared enthusiasm and optimism for the partnership.


Looking Ahead:

As Retreat Caravans and Paintseal Australia embark on this journey together, the caravan industry can anticipate a new era of excellence, where quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction take

stage. This partnership sets a precedent for the industry, showcasing the potential for collaboration between leading companies to elevate the overall customer experience.



Retreat Caravans and Paintseal Australia's partnership heralds a new chapter in the caravan industry, one where cutting-edge technology, commitment to quality, and a shared vision for innovation come together. As both companies continue to evolve and enhance their offerings, customers can look forward to a future where their caravanning adventures are not only memorable but also protected by the best in the business.

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