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Welcome to Paintseal Australia's Media Hub, where innovation meets excitement in vehicle care. Dive into our world of groundbreaking achievements and discover a range of downloadable media assets, from offical logos to engaging videos. Perfect for journalists, bloggers, and enthusiasts, this is your gateway to capturing the essence of a brand that's capturing headlines and transforming the industry across Australia. Explore, download, and reach out directly using the form.

Executive Overview

Explore our legacy of innovation, redefining standards in vehicle care.

Embark on a journey through the narrative of Paintseal Australia, where innovation, excellence, and transformative automotive protection intersect. As trailblazers in the industry, our commitment to redefining standards is epitomised by our flagship Gen4 technology. Beyond a coating, Gen4 represents a paradigm shift, boasting unparalleled durability and resilience. Rigorous testing and third-party validations, including NASA and Boeing approvals, underscore our dedication to delivering top-tier solutions.

Explore the depth of our media page, where success stories come to life, client testimonials resonate, and the evolution of our groundbreaking products unfolds. Paintseal Australia isn't merely a brand; it's the culmination of decades of tireless research and development. Trusted by NASA in their space program and endorsed by Boeing for aircraft protection, our coatings have solidified their status as an industry benchmark.

Discover the stories behind the accolades, the science behind the innovation, and the people who make Paintseal Australia a beacon of excellence. Join us as we unravel the layers of our legacy, showcasing why Paintseal Australia is not just a choice but a statement in the realm of automotive care.

Meet Conor Rae and Jonathan Crompton, the visionary Directors steering Paintseal Australia to new heights. Their dynamic leadership is the driving force behind our flagship Gen4 technology, ensuring continuous innovation and excellence. Explore their backgrounds, collaborative spirit, and shared vision that set Paintseal Australia apart.

Paintseal Australia Jonathan

Jonathan Crompton

Paintseal Australia Conor

Conor Rae

Leadership Insight

Meet the dynamic co-owners steering Paintseal Australia toward industry leadership.


Download our logos to showcase Paintseal Australia's excellence in branding.

Primary Logo (Coloured)

Paintseal Australia Coloured Logo

Primary Logo (White on Black)

Paintseal Australia White on Black Logo

Primary Logo (Black on White)

Paintseal Australia Black on White Logo

Explore our videos capturing innovation in automotive protection and care.

paintseal_caravan_main v3.mp4

paintseal_gen4_main v4.mp4

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