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Welcome to Paintseal Australia's Caravan Treatment Service, where innovation meets caravan protection. It's not simply a treatment; it's a molecularly designed innovation for a ceramic-hardened seal. Our treatment, authorised for Boeing aeroplanes, demonstrates excellence and confidence with unrivalled durability and a lifetime warranty.


Your caravan is more than a vehicle; it is a mobile home. Our treatment keeps it looking younger for longer while also protecting it from the inside out. Dive in to find out why our Caravan Treatment Service is the best for your investment.

Expert care mobile service, for lasting caravan protection.


Molecular-level defense for enduring, ceramic-hardened protection.

Revolutionary Gen4 Technology

Add a lasting ceramic coat, keeping your caravan looking new.

Adds a ceramic coat for Longevity

Complete protection for surfaces inside and out.

Exterior and Interior

Invest for premium resale value and peace of mind.

Boost Your Assets Resale Value

Scientific treatment for a new-looking caravan with ease.

Low Maintenance, High Value

Seamless online quoting for our comprehensive caravan service.

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Ultimate convenience in Perth and Adelaide

Mobile Service

Top-tier caravan protection with revolutionary Gen4 technology.

Gen4 Premium Defence

Thorough fabric service to preserve your caravan's interior.

Leather and Fabric

Comprehensive care for solar panels, windows, and wheels.

Exterior Brilliance Included

Quality caravan protection at a clear, affordable price.

Transparent Pricing

Enquire Today!

Ready to give your caravan the protection it deserves? It's as easy as filling out our quick inquiry form. Share some details about your caravan, and we'll tailor a quote that fits its unique needs. Let's get started on the journey to enhance and preserve your caravan's brilliance!

Caravan Size
Less than 21ft
More than 30ft
Treatment Options
Interior & Exterior
Caravan Age
Brand New
Second Hand
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